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  Ryohei KAGEURA
   Department   Kyoto University of Foreign Studies  Department of Global Studies, Faculty of Global Engagement
   Position   associate professor/lecturer
■ Academic conference presentation
1. 2018/12/15 Global Citizenship Education and Service Learning (International Conference on Service Learning and Community Engagement)
2. 2018/08/03 Legal and philosophical reflection on traditional medicine and patient’s right to personal liberty (第8回日仏国際生命倫理会議)
3. 2018/03 George Town's street art and the concept of sustainability (Heritage Tourism Research Project Symposium)
4. 2016/11 日本の大学における、神経科学とリテラシーに基づく教育法としての神経言語学的アプローチ(ANL)
5. 2016/04 (関西フランコフォン研究者会合2016)
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■ Books and academic papers
1. Book Joseph de Maistre and his European Readers: Receiving Early Conservatism in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries(ジョゼフ・ド・メーストルと彼のヨーロッパの読者たち:19世紀と20世紀における初期保守主義の受容) (Collaboration) 2011/04
2. Thesis Theological elements in Hobbes' natural right (Single) 2017/01
3. Thesis 日本の大学における、神経科学とリテラシーに基づく教育法としての神経言語学的アプローチ(ANL) (Collaboration) 2016/11
4. Thesis Walter Benjamin and Psychoanalysis: On Dream and Revolution in Benjamin(ヴァルター・ベンヤミンと精神分析:ベンヤミンにおける夢と革命) (Single) 2009/01
5. Thesis Collective Memory of War and the Redemption of the Individual Experience in Walter Benjamin (Single) 2008/10
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■ Academic background
1. 2007/09~2012/08 Université de Strasbourg Ecole Doctorale des Humanités Philosophy〔Doctoral course〕 Completed Ph.D. in Philosophy
2. 2005/09~2007/08 Université Strasbourg 2, UFR de Philosophie, Linguistique et Sciences de l'éducation (PLISE), Philosophy〔Master degree program〕 Completed Master of Philosophy
3. 2004/09~2005/08 Université Strasbourg 1 Strasbourg Universities Study Abroad Program (SUSAP) Studying abroad
4. 2001/04~2005/09 Kyoto University Faculty of Integrated Human Studies Graduated Bachelor (Integrated Human Studies)
■ Business career
1. 2010/01~2011/06 France University of Strasbourg Faculté des langues et sciences humaines appliquées
2. 2014/04~2017/03 Kyoto University of Foreign Studies International Research Institute for Studies in Language and Peace
3. 2015/03~2016/02 Republic of Ecuador University of Cuenca Departamento de idiomas Visiting Scholar
4. 2012/09~ France University of Strasbourg Centre de Recherches en Philosophie Allemande et Contemporaine Membre associé Link
5. 2013/04~2017/03 Kyoto University of Foreign Studies
■ Subject
1. Contemporary European Affairs Ⅰ(BA102)
2. Model United Nations
3. Contemporary Global History
4. Introductory Seminar I
5. Community Engagement Workshop Ⅰ
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■ Lecturer and lecture
1. 2008/08 Mapping Europe and moving borders(ヨーロッパの地図を描き、国境を動かす)
■ Committee and society
1. 2014/07~ Network of Translators for the Globalization of the Testimonies of Atomic Bomb Survivors