Michael BARR
   Department   Kyoto Junior College of Foreign Languages  , Department of English Studies for Careers
   Position   associate professor/lecturer
Research Period 2018/04~2019/04
Research Topic Tourism management, Intercultural studies, Technology in the classroom, and Int'l Learning exchange
Research Type Individual Research
Responsibility Representative Researcher
Details My research for the 2018-2019 academic year continued projects initiated in previous years. Firstly, in freshmen required courses, I aimed to encourage and develop students' self-directed learning in addition to encouraging effective use of smartphone technology/Internet in the class. Secondly I researched and piloted a program for conducting international exchange between students of KUFS and other universities. Finally, in terms of tourism research, I researched and presented on the topic of 'overtourism' in Kyoto prefecture, describing efforts being made by local governments to encourage sustainable tourism.