Michael BARR
   Department   Kyoto Junior College of Foreign Languages  , Department of English Studies for Careers
   Position   associate professor/lecturer
Research Period 2019/04~
Research Topic Tandem Learning Research Group
Research Type Joint Research inside the organization
Consignor KUFS
Keyword Simultaneous Language Exchange, Tandem learning, international community,
Responsibility Representative Researcher
Representative Person Michael David Barr
Collaborative Researcher M. Kurata, Y. Sasaki, R. McClung, J. Cruz, K. Nakanishi, T. Shimomatsuya,
Details The Tandem Learning research group aims to develop, test, and implement projects between KUFS and partner international universities that will benefit the future activities and curriculum of the university. Our ultimate goal is to provide all students at KUFS, even those who do not have the time or money to go abroad, with the opportunity to participate in an international community of learners by way of virtual and mutually beneficial educational opportunities. As the leader of the group my job has been to organize, liaise, and manage logistics of projects carried out between partner universities such as UTS (Sydney, AUS), WZU (Taiwan), CU (Boulder, USA), and WCU (Gunnison, USA).