Department   Kyoto University of Foreign Studies  Department of British and American Studies, Faculty of Foreign Studies
   Position   Professor
Language Japanese
Publication Date 2005/03
Type Academic Paper
Peer Review Peer reviewed
Title On Learning Verbal Phrases in Movies and Lexical Memory
Contribution Type Single author
Journal TypeJapan
Publisher Associtation for Teaching English through Movies
Volume, Issue, Page pp.17-28
Details Ina second languagelearningi,tisinevitableforthelearnersto learnand memorize some phrasesand words used inthe targetlanguage.
Insuch aprocessoflearning,however,ithasnot beenmade clear inthe literatuhroew the lexicalmemory inthe brainworks forthe operation and what seems to be the most effective method forsuch learning.
InJapanese,forexample, bothof theaffixes and "-sa") in (`Lmi"
"arigata-sa" and "arigata-mi" seem to belongto the same lexicalcategory
(asuffix)and bedea]twith inthesame systematic process.
Consideringthe morphological of the two words, productivities
however,itseems that the formerisunmarked while the latteirsmarked in the view of word formationH.ence, itisnot plausiblethatbothof the two
suffixesbelongtothesame categoryandcanbeprocessedinthesame way. Inthispaper,Iwi]1 suggest a most efifective method forlearning
English words and phrasesby the use of a movie textbook on the basisof the Dual Mechanism Model.