Yasushige ISHIKAWA
   Department   Kyoto University of Foreign Studies  Department of British and American Studies, Faculty of Foreign Studies
   Position   Professor
Language English
Publication Date 2014/12
Type Academic Paper
Title Development and use of an EFL reading practice application for android tablet computer
Contribution Type Multiple author(s)
Journal International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning
Volume, Issue, Page 6(3),pp.35-51
Responsible for A4、17頁、共同執筆につき本人の担当部分抽出不可能
Author and coauthor Yasushige Ishikawa, Craig Smith, Mutsumi Kondo, Ichiro Akano, Kate Maher, Norihisa Wada
Details This paper reports on the use of an English-language reading practice application for an android tablet computer with students who are not native speakers of English. The application materials for vocabulary learning in reading-passage contexts were created to include words from a database of low-frequency and technical noun-verb collocations which occurred frequently in certain documents related to the study of international affairs.