Yasushige ISHIKAWA
   Department   Kyoto University of Foreign Studies  Department of British and American Studies, Faculty of Foreign Studies
   Position   Professor
Language English
Publication Date 2009/07/10
Type Academic Paper
Title An EFL CALL Teaching Aid for Self-directed Learning Using the AmiVoice® Speech Recognition System: Automatic Scoring of the Fluency of Learners’ Utterances
Contribution Type Multiple author(s)
Journal The 2nd International Multi-Conference on Society, Cybernetics and Informatics Proceedings, Volume I
Volume, Issue, Page pp.45-51
Responsible for A4、総頁数7頁、共同執筆につき本人の抽出部分抽出不可能
Author and coauthor Yasushige Ishikawa, Mutsumi Kondo, Craig Smith, Katsuzi Nagai
Details At Kyoto Junior College of Foreign Languages, Hospitality English, a new first-year English as a Foreign Language course was introduced in April 2008. This paper reports on the development and refinement of the EFL CALL teaching aid and on the automatic s