Yasushige ISHIKAWA
   Department   Kyoto University of Foreign Studies  Department of British and American Studies, Faculty of Foreign Studies
   Position   Professor
Language English
Publication Date 2012/01/20
Type Textbook(s)/Reference book(s)
Title Presentation workshop: Oral communication for academic purposes
Contribution Type Multiple author(s)
Publisher Kinseido Publishing Co., Ltd.
Responsible for (A4、総頁数84頁、共同執筆につき本人の担当分抽出不可能)
Author and coauthor Craig Smith, Yasushi Tsubota, Yasushige Ishikawa, Masatake Dantsuji
Details The intention of this textbook is to help students move beyond English for General Purposes language lessons and get engaged in English for Academic Purposes communication events that if held in their native language would promote native-language skill development and be intellectually challenging.