Gustavo TANAKA
   Department   Kyoto University of Foreign Studies  Department of Global Studies, Faculty of Global Engagement
   Position   Professor
Language Spanish
Publication Date 2015/08
Type Textbook(s)/Reference book(s)
Title Accounting and Financial Analysis: Peruvian Context
Contribution Type Single author
Journal TypeAnother Country
Publisher Editorial Fund - Pontifical Catholic University of Peru
Total page number 430
Details This book is oriented to decision makers who use Financial Statements and it is structured as follows: at the outset, some basic concepts are presented, the regulatory framework of companies in Peru, and the final product of financial accounting (Financial Statements) is defined and explained. It then explains some basic concepts and some complementary tools for financial analysis and what the budgets are and how they are prepared. Finally, it culminates in the central part of this book: analysis of financial statements (traditional and alternative approaches) and the analysis of the cash flow statement.