Department   Kyoto University of Foreign Studies  Department of British and American Studies, Faculty of Foreign Studies
   Position   Associate Professor
Language English
Publication Date 2004/03
Type Other research activities
Title The Simpsons in Japan: A Lesson in Stereotypes
Contribution Type Single author
Journal The Internet TESL Journal
Volume, Issue, Page 10(3)
Total page number 7
Responsible for All research and written content
Author and coauthor Rachelle Meilleur*
Details The Simpsons television series is a treasure trove of resource material for the ESL/EFL classroom. It contains everything from low-brow slapstick humour to literary social satire. It includes references to major literary works, pop songs, movies, and numerous other cultural markers. A Simpsons episode "is a text that most of our students will encounter and some will pursue regularly, owing to screen culture and the place of television in their lives" (Doyle 1999). It is a medium in which most students can connect with and enjoy. The Simpsons can be used in a number of ways to focus on particular language targets or specific topics.