Takatoyo UMEMOTO
   Department   Kyoto University of Foreign Studies  ,
   Position   Associate Professor
Date 2013/09
Presentation Theme Effects of classroom goal structures and personal achievement goals on academic achievement in Japanese students(日本の生徒において教室の目標構造と個人の達成目標が学業達成に与える効果)
Conference the 16th European Conference on Developmental Psychology
Conference Type International
Presentation Type Poster
Contribution Type Collaborative
Venue Lausanne University
Publisher and common publisher Nakaya, M., Wakita, T., & Umemoto, T.
Details 中学生を対象に調査を行い,クラスの目標構造が,学習者が持つ達成目標を媒介し,学習成果(自己効力感,学習方略など)に影響するプロセスを明らかにした。