Michael BARR
   Department   Kyoto Junior College of Foreign Languages  , Department of English Studies for Careers
   Position   associate professor/lecturer
Date 2017/08/09
Presentation Theme Location, Location, Information: A Case Study in Expanding Tourist Destinations to Rural Areas
Conference International Symposium on Tourism for Peace 2017
Promoters INTESDA - International Education for Sustainable Development Alliance
Conference Type International
Presentation Type Speech (Invitation/Special)
Contribution Type Individual
Venue Nagasaki, Japan
Presenter and co-presenter Michael D. Barr
Details Kyoto Prefecture has a long-term plan to promote and revitalize the town of Miyazu, in the northern area of the prefecture. The aim is to capitalize on the worldwide popularity of Kyoto as a destination in order to expand tourism to more rural areas. This is a win-win for guests, accommodations, and local economies. Working with the assistance of local government, the aim is to provide a stream of visitors who can support local businesses, increase visibility, spend money on local specialities, and learn about aspects of Japanese life that are overlooked in urban areas. Sustainable tourism is the idea that one can visit an area for recreation, yet make a positive contribution to the local economy and people, and be gentle on the environment. Online resources and itineraries with detailed information are essential for fulfilling expectations. The appeal of rural areas is that often the infrastructure already exists - there are local businesses that rent bicycles, sell and make local crafts, and transport visitors to and from famous sites. There are local hot springs, restaurants, and seasonal events. Promoting new areas is a matter of promoting and packaging elements of the locality that are already in place.