Michael BARR
   Department   Kyoto Junior College of Foreign Languages  , Department of English Studies for Careers
   Position   associate professor/lecturer
Date 2018/08/02
Presentation Theme Increased Tourism in Kyoto: Challenges and Sustainable Solutions
Conference COSTA 2018 - The 5th Conference on Sustainable Tourism in Asia
Promoters INTESTA
Conference Type International
Presentation Type Speech (General)
Contribution Type Collaborative
Venue Mitsui Garden Hotel, Hiroshima, Japan
Presenter and co-presenter Michael D. Barr, Jeff Berglund
Details This presentation focused on the very timely topic of 'overtourism', particularly as it applies to the current influx of foreign visitors to Kyoto. By looking at other international destinations such as Barcelona and Venice, which have suffered the growing pains of a massive increase in international traffic, we look at a variety of causes and effects of a rise in tourism. More and more people are traveling internationally year by year, and that means the management challenges of popular destinations must be addressed by national as well as regional governments. This also affects private companies within the tourism sector, transportation networks, and accommodations.