Yasushige ISHIKAWA
   Department   Kyoto University of Foreign Studies  Department of British and American Studies, Faculty of Foreign Studies
   Position   Professor
Date 2007/01/25
Presentation Theme A Case Study in Curriculum Development: Designing Courses for Task-Centered Learning Using Multimedia English-Spanish CALL Team-Teaching Aids
Conference The First International Workshop Intercultural Corroboration: IWIC 2007
Promoters the Langugae Grid Project, the National Institute of Information, Center of Excellence on Knowledge Society, Kyoto University, and the IEICE Special Interest Group for Intercultural Collaboration
Conference Type International
Presentation Type Speech (General)
Venue 京都大学
Publisher and common publisher Yasushige Ishikawa, Shinobu Suzuki, Masayuki Murakami, Reiko Tateiwa, Shikiko Kawakami, Yasushi Tsubota, Masatake Dantsuji
Details At Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Dual-learning CALL of English and other foreign languages, which takes a form of team teaching, has been implemented since 2003. Among these lectures, in English-Spanish CALL, we developed CALL materials and designed task-centered classes. This paper reports the implementation of task-centered classes and the results of their evaluation.