Hiromi KONO
   Department   Kyoto Junior College of Foreign Languages  , Department of English Studies for Careers
   Position   Professor
Date 2016/12/10
Presentation Theme 学習記録を通しての自律学習支援
Conference the JASAL 2016 Annual Conference
Promoters The Japan Asociation for Self-Access Learning
Conference Type International
Presentation Type Speech (General)
Contribution Type Collaborative
Venue Konan Women's University
Publisher and common publisher Rachelle Meilleur, Midori Tanimura & Agnes Patko
Details What are students actually studying outside of the classroom, and for how long? This question, in conjunction with the need to encourage more self-directed learning from our students, led to the creation and implementation of language study trackers that 1st-year university students would use. Two trials were held, first with a paper-based tracker, and the second with an online mobile-based tracker. The researchers will present the results and discuss how tracking can impact students and teachers, especially in regards to promoting autonomous learning both in and out of the classroom.