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   Department   Kyoto Junior College of Foreign Languages  , Department of English Studies for Careers
   Position   Professor
■ Academic conference presentation
1. 2023/08/16 How a teacher changes her negative emotion into positive: A key to child engagement in English storytelling (The 21st Asia TEFL International Conference, Daejeon, Korea.)
2. 2015/09/04 An investigation of synchrony between students and their teacher during a secondary school EFL lesson. (the BAAL 2015 World Congress, Birmingham)
3. 2015/03/03 Facilitating Japanese secondary school EFL students’ awareness of their capacity to be autonomous learners. (the INTED 2015 World Congress, Madrid)
4. 2014/08/10 Development and use of a learning module for fostering EFL learners' self-regulated learning in Japan. (the AILA 2014 World Congress, Brisbane)
■ Books and academic papers
1. Article How a Teacher Changes Her Negative Emotion into Positive: A Key to Child Engagement in English Storytelling AsiaTEFL Proceedings 2023: Papers from the 21st AsiaTEFL Conference. ISBN: 979-11-982534-0-8 pp.1151-1158 (Single) 2024/01
2. Article Phonetic Symbol Instruction with Self-made Material: A Study Involving with Elementary School Teacher Trainees LET関西支部研究収録 20,pp.1-18 (Collaboration) 2022/03
3. Article Prefrontal Inter-brain Synchronization Reflects Convergence and Divergence of Flow Dynamics in Collaborative Learning: A Pilot Study Frontiers in Neuroergonomics, section Neurotechnology and Systems Neuroergonomics 2,pp.1-14 (Collaboration) 2021/06
4. Article Linguistic proficiency acquired by students through learning two languages. Academic Bulletin (93),pp.49-60 (Single) 2019/07
5. Article The effect of cross-curriculum of L1 and L2 on elementary school students' linguistic proficiency: To sympathize with others. Conference Proceedings of World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology Conference, Sydney pp.2130-2133 (Single) 2018/01
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■ Academic background
1. 2005/04~2008/03 〔Master Course〕, Graduate School, Division of Education, Kyoto University of Education, Completed,
2. 2008/04~2011/09 〔Doctorial Course〕, Graduate School, Division of Foreign Language, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Completed,
■ Business career
1. 2021/04~ Kyoto Junior College of Foreign Languages Department of English Studies for Careers Professor
2. 2016/04~2021/03 Kyoto Junior College of Foreign Languages Department of English Studies for Careers Associate Professor
■ Subject
1. Academic English Skills Ⅴ
2. Academic English Skills Ⅵ
3. Seminar: TEFL Studies Ⅰ(AA254)
4. Seminar: TEFL Studies Ⅱ(AA255)
5. Seminar: TEFL Studies Ⅲ(AA351)
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