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  Shinichi SASAKI
   Department   Kyoto University of Foreign Studies  Department of Japanese Studies, Faculty of Foreign Studies
   Position   Professor
■ Business career
1. 2003/04~ Kyoto University of Foreign Studies Faculty of Foreign Studies Department of Japanese Studies Professor
■ Belonging society
1. 1991/02~ The Folklore Society of Okinawa
2. 1978/06~ Japanese Society for Oceanic Studies
■ Subject
1. Study of Kyoto-Things Ⅰ
2. Study of Kyoto-Matters Ⅱ(AG136)
3. Study of Culture and Information Science Ⅰ(AG232)
4. Study of Culture and Information Science Ⅱ(AG233)
5. Kyoto Studies Project Ⅰ(CC262)
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