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  リンジー モリ   Lynsey Helen Mori
   所属   京都外国語大学  外国語学部 英米語学科
   職種   講師
■ 学会発表
1. 2022/10/06 Deconstructing Imperialism in English Language Teaching with Alter- Globalization Community in Education(The 12th International Conference on Education and Justice) Link
2. 2022/07/16 Embracing change through resilience and transformation in the post-covid-19 world(Skeena Summit Academic Research Forum) Link
3. 2022/06/09 Assessment and evaluation of, with, through technologies.(International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language) Link
4. 2021/08/07 Sustained autonomous inquiry can lead to conceptual change concerning cultural pluralism(Language, Literature and Linguistics) Link
5. 2021/08/03 “Developing Communication Skills in Online Teaching.”(Arts and Sciences Program In-Service Training)
■ 著書・論文歴
1. 論文  How Social-Emotional learning improves the Japanese English education system. Global Journal of Foreign Language Teaching 12(4),pp.267--276 (単著) 2022/11 Link
2. 論文  Project initiative in the classroom International Journal of New Trends in Social Sciences (IJSS) 6(2),pp.148-157 (単著) 2022/11 Link
3. 論文  Towards a perfect universal educational curriculum Contemporary Educational Researches Journal 12(4),pp.256--262 (単著) 2022/11 Link
4. 論文  Synthesizing a Zest for Life With Social-Emotional Learning in the Educational System in Japan International Journal of Educational Reform  (単著) 2022/10 Link
5. 論文  “Connecting the Dots; How Sustained Autonomous Inquiry Can Lead to Conceptual Change Concerning

the Importance of Cultural Pluralism” International Multidisciplinary Research Journal (8),pp.22-29 (共著) 2021/09
■ 学歴
1. 2022/01~ Antioch University Education Doctor of Education and Professional Practice with a specialization in social-emotional learning (SEL). 博士課程
2. 2008/04~2010/11 University of Birmingham Master of Arts in TEFL 修士課程修了 Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Foreign Language
3. 2003/02~2003/07 College of London Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language 卒業
4. 1998/09~2002/07 University of Glamorgan Graduate School, Division of Cultural Studies Anthropology, Media and globalization 卒業 Bachelor of Arts in Combined studies; Anthropology, Media and Globalization and Photography
■ 職歴
1. 2021/04~ 京都外国語大学 外国語学部 英米語学科 講師
2. 2018/04~ 京都外国語大学 外国語学部 英米語学科 非常勤講師. 非常勤講師
3. 2017/04~2018/03 ノートルダム女学院中学高等学校英語講師 English Teacher
4. 2015/05~ 立命館大学 経営学部 非常勤講師. 経営学部 非常勤講師
5. 2014/03~ 京都産業大学 外国語学部 国際関係学科 非常勤講師. 国際関係 非常勤講師
■ 主要学科目
■ 所属学会
1. 2022/10~ Society of Professors of Education Link
2. 2020/08~ Google Educator Group
3. 2009/09~ International Association MASH (Meet Ask Share Help) Collaboration
4. 2008/01~ Asia TEFL Link
5. 2003/09~ Japan Association for Language Teaching
■ 資格・免許
1. 2022/12/20 Emotional intelligence educational leadership skills Link
2. 2022/12/20 Social Emotional Learning Educator Link
3. 2022/12/08 The writing test for the digital workshop Link
4. 2022/10/21 Tapping as a mindfulness Technique and Emotional Regulation Link
5. 2022/10/19 Building resilience Link
■ 授業科目
1. English Workshop Ⅰ
2. Academic Writing Ⅰ
3. English Workshop Ⅱ
4. Academic Writing Ⅱ
5. English Seminar Ⅲ
■ 社会における活動
1. 2022/12~2022/12 Climate anxiety Link
2. 2022/12~2022/12 Connect beyond our differences Link
3. 2022/08~ Global Mom to Mom network Link
4. 2021/12~2021/12 TEDxKUFSCountdown Link
5. 2020/08 Over parenting in Japan Link
■ 委員会・協会等
1. 2015/03~ International Girl Scout Association
2. 1989/01/31~ Vegetarian and Vegan Society Link
■ 担当経験のある科目
1. Communicative Competence(Uji Ritsumeikan Junior and Senior High School)
2. English Academic Writing(Kyoto University of Foreign Studies)
3. English for Academic Purposes,(Kyoto Sangyo University)
4. English for Professional Purposes,(Kyoto Sangyo University)
5. English seminar(Kyoto University of Foreign Studies)