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  タカハシ アナマリア   Ana Maria Takahashi
  タカハシ アナマリア
   所属   京都外国語大学  国際貢献学部 グローバルスタディーズ学科
   職種   講師
■ 学会発表
1. 2022/06 The effects of special support grants for female academics in science, engineering, and agricultural fields on the gender promotion gap(Western Economic Association Annual Meeting (Virtual))
2. 2016/10 Womenomics and Gender Differences in Academia in Japan(Womenomics, Japan and EU)
3. 2016/01 The Gender Salary and Promotion Gaps in Japanese Academia: New Results from Science and Engineering(Western Economic Association International)
4. 2015/08 Gender Differences in Labor Market Outcomes in Japanese Academia(International Workshop: Research on Academic Labor Market)
5. 2015/06 Exploring the Reasons for Gender Salary and Promotion Gaps in Academia(Western Economic Association Annual Meeting)
■ 著書・論文歴
1. 論文  “Does economic self-interest determine public attitudes toward immigrants? An econometric case study in Japan”, Discussion Paper, Kobe University  No.2201 (共著) 2022
2. 論文  “Gender Promotion Gap in Japanese Academia in 2004-2013: Has It Changed over Time?”, Discussion Paper, Kobe University  No. 1914,pp.1-32 (共著) 2019
3. 論文  “Gender Gaps in STEM in Japanese Academia: The Impact of Research Productivity, Outside Offers, and Home Life on Pay” Social Science Journal 55(3),pp.245-272 (共著) 2018
4. 論文  “Job Stress in Japanese Academia: The Role of Relative Income, Time Allocation by Task and Children” Journal of Asian Economics 43,pp.12-17 (単著) 2016
5. 論文  “Gender Promotion Differences in Economics Departments in Japan: A Duration Analysis” Journal of Asian Economics, 2015, 41, pp.1-19 41,pp.1-19 (共著) 2015
■ 学歴
1. 2003/08~2009/12 University of Utah Department of Economics PhD in Economics 卒業 PhD
2. 2000/09~2002/06 International University of Japan MA in International Development 卒業 MA
3. 1999/09~2000/06 University of Bucharest Faculty of Geography MA in Geography 卒業 MA
4. 1995/09~1999/07 Academy of Economic Studies International Business and Economics Faculty BA in Economics 卒業 BA
■ 職歴
1. 2021/04~ 京都外国語大学 国際貢献学部 グローバルスタディーズ学科 講師
2. 2019/04~ Kobe University Graduate School of Economics Research Fellow
3. 2012/04~2019/03 Kobe University Graduate School of Economics Assistant Professor
4. 2018/01~2019/05 Konan University Year-in-Japan Lecturer
5. 2016/09~2018/12 Kansai Gaidai University Asian Studies Program Lecturer
■ 主要学科目
Labor Economics, Business Economics
■ 授業科目
1. Introductory Seminar I
2. Global Business Seminar Ⅰ
3. Global Business Seminar Ⅱ
4. Global Business Seminar Ⅲ
5. Global Business Seminar Ⅳ
■ 研究課題・受託研究・科研費
1. 2020/04~2024/03  Kakenhi Project, Principal Investigator (PI): Using country-level panel data of codified immigration policies to estimate the effects of immigration policies on natives' attitudes towards immigrants 科研費基盤研究 (C) (キーワード:Immigration policies)
■ 外部研究者ID
orcID 0000-0003-0858-0807