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  Chiharu NEGISHI
   Department   Kyoto University of Foreign Studies  ,
   Position   Assistant Professor-lecturer
■ Books and academic papers
1. Article Assessment of Preparing Future Faculty Program for Learning University Faculty’s Scholarship : A Case Study on “Course Design and Teaching III” Future Faculty Program, Osaka University  pp.21-31 (Collaboration) 2022/03
2. Article Characteristics of the Integration of Research, Education, and Social Contribution Focusing on the Learner Characteristics in Preparing Future Faculty Program Japan Journal of Educational Technology pp.225-228 (Collaboration) 2021/12
3. Article The Effectiveness of Preparing Future Faculty Program on Syllabus Design Japan Journal of Educational Technology pp.205-208 (Collaboration) 2021/12
4. Article Design and Practice of Online Classes in Universities  pp.19-26 (Collaboration) 2020/12
5. Article Creating a School-Wide Digital Teaching and Learning Systems and the Practice of Supporting First-Year Students with Learning Online at Osaka University  pp.276-285 (Collaboration) 2020/10
■ Business career
1. 2023/04~ Kyoto University of Foreign Studies Assistant Professor-lecturer
2. 2022/04~2023/03 Kyoto University of Foreign Studies Faculty of Foreign Studies Department of British and American Studies Assistant Professor-lecturer
■ Subject
1. First Year Seminar
2. Educational Task(CB114)
3. Seminar: Educational Research Ⅰ(CB291)
4. Seminar: Educational Research Ⅱ(CB292)
5. Seminar: Educational Research Ⅲ(CB391)
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