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  Anna Ruggeri Takeshita
   Department   Kyoto University of Foreign Studies  Department of Italian Studies, Faculty of Foreign Studies
   Position   Associate Professor
■ Academic conference presentation
1. 2108/09/01 Suzuki Daisetsu’s Understanding of Hakuin Zenji (The 69th Annual Conference Conference of the Japanese Association of Indian and Buddhist Studies)
2. 2018/02/17 The Sound of the One Hand - Hakuin Zenji and the Kōan - (Venezia Zen Culture Forum)
3. 2017/09/17 The Women Disciples of Hakuin Zenji: The Case of Masajo and Ōhashijo alias Erinni (76th Annual Conference of the Japanese Association for Religious Studies)
4. 2017/09/02 About the Women Disciples of Hakuin Zenji (The 68th Congress of the Japanese Association of Indian Philosophy and Buddhist Studies)
5. 2017/07/21 Problems concerning Zen and Ethics - About the Role of Compassion - (The 4th Study Group of Japan Association of Religion and Ethics (2017))
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■ Books and academic papers
1. Book Remembering the Kanji 2: A Systematic Guide to Reading Japanese Characters- (Collaboration) 2019/09
2. Book Italian Set Expressions Useful for Conversation and Composition 365 (Collaboration) 2017/02
3. Book Remembering the kanji 1: A Complete Course on How Not to Forget the Meaning and Writing of Japanese Characters (Collaboration) 2015/09
4. Book Il Primo -Dizionario italiano-giapponese (イタリア語) (Collaboration) 2011/04
5. Book Invitation to Comparative Religion studies - From the Perspective of East Asia-
"Zen Buddhism and the Development in Europe in Japan" (in charge of Chapter 6) (Collaboration) 2006/04
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■ Works

■ Academic background
1. 1999/04~2002/03 Osaka Prefecture University Graduate School, Doctral Research Course in Human Culture 〔Doctoral course〕 Completed Ph.D (Religious Studies)
2. 1997/04~1999/03 Hanazono University Graduate School, Division of Letters 〔Master degree program〕 Completed
3. 1989/09~1996/07 University of Venice Faculty of Oriental Languages and Literatures Course in Japanese Language, Specialization in Japanese Religions and Philosophy Graduated
■ Educational ability
● Practice example of education method
1. 2018/09~2019/03 Presentations about Italian World Heritage
2. 2018/04~2019/03 ”Nuovo Espresso” series
3. 2017/04~2017/09 Presentations about Italian World Heritage
● Announcement concerning education
1. 2018/05/30 Language and Peace: Role and Contribution of Religion in Modern Society
2. 2016/08/05 The charm of Buddhism seen from an Italian perspective
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■ Belonging society
1. 2017/06~ The Japan Society for Global System and Ethics
2. 2013/02~2015/02 Italian Association of Applied Linguistics (AITLA)
3. 2007/09~ Japanese Association for Religious Studies
4. 2002/12~ Japan Association of Religion and Ethics
5. 2000/04~ The Japanease Association of Indian and Buddhist Studies
■ Subject
1. Italian Conversation Ⅰ-1
2. Italian Conversation Ⅰ-2
3. Italian Conversation Ⅱ-1
4. Italian Conversation Ⅱ-2
5. Italian Conversation Ⅲ-1
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■ Activity in society
1. 2009/05 Now is the Time for Zen Teaching
■ Lecturer and lecture
1. 2018/09 The Understanding on Hakuin Zenji in the West (Library of Numazu)
2. 2018/03 About Hakuin's Commentary on the Heart Sutra (The Institute for Zen Studies, Hanazono University)
3. 2018/02 The Sound of the One Hand - Hakuin Zenji and the Kōan - (Palazzo Grimani Museum, Venezia, Italy)
4. 2017/08 The Conception on Women in Hakuin Zenji ―Through his Women Disciples ― (Hanazono University, Kyoto)
5. 2015/03 On the World Women's Day: The Role of Women and Its Change
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