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  Yasushige ISHIKAWA
   Department   Kyoto University of Foreign Studies  Department of British and American Studies, Faculty of Foreign Studies
   Position   Professor
■ Academic conference presentation
1. 2020/07/21 Building student interactions outside the classroom: Utilizing a web-based application in a university flipped learning course for EFL learners (HCI International 2020)
2. 2019/12/12 Development of Web-Based Application Using Rubric for Assessment: Visualizing Process of Student Learning Outcome
3. 2019/08/09 In what conditions do EFL students engage more in group work?: A NIRS study (FLEAT (Foreign Language Education and Technology) VII)
4. 2019/04/27 Blended Lanugage Learning: Opportunities and Challenges (WCBL 2019)
5. 2019/03/11 Flow Experience during Group Work in the Japanese EFL Classroom: An Ultra-small NIRS Study (American Association for Applied Linguistics 2019 Conference (AAAL 2019))
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■ Books and academic papers
1. Book Integrating online and offline student collaboration in EFL flipped learning courses Blended language learning: International perspectives on innovative practices pp.303-328 (Collaboration) 2019/01
2. Book Chapter 334: A flipped learning approach to university EFL courses Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology (4th ed.) pp.3850-3860 (Collaboration) 2017/07
3. Book Chapter 11: A student self-evaluation system: Sustaining outside-of-class CALL activities in a university EFL blended learning course WorldCALL: Sustainability and computer-assisted language learning  (Collaboration) 2016/01
4. Book Chapter 236: An interoperable ICT educational application for TOEIC preparatory study, Encyclopedia of information science and technology (3rd ed. )   (Collaboration) 2015/01
5. Book Sustaining Outside-of-Class CALL Activities by Means of A Student Self-Evaluation System in A University Blended Learning EFL Course Learning & Collaboration Technologies: Technology-Rich Environments for Learning & Collaboration pp.146-154 (Collaboration) 2014/06
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■ Academic background
1. 1980/02~1980/12 Deakin University, Studying abroad
■ Business career
1. 2015/04~ Kyoto University of Foreign Studies Faculty of Foreign Studies Department of British and American Studies Professor
■ Belonging society
1. 2015/04~ The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE)
2. 2013/04~ The International Association for Mobile Learning
3. 2010/04~ The Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education
4. 2009/04~ Information Processing Society of Japan
5. 2006/04~ Japan Society for Educational Technology
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■ Subject
1. English Seminar Ⅰ
2. TOEIC Workshop Ⅰ
3. English Seminar Ⅱ
4. TOEIC Workshop Ⅱ
5. English Ⅰ-1
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■ Activity in society
1. 2017/05~2017/07 『The 21st World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics』予稿の査読担当
■ Lecturer and lecture
1. 2016/11/22 Development and use of a web-based application for smartphones: Measuring student collaborative lering outside of class.
2. 2016/11/18 Development and use of a web-based application for smartphones: Measuring student collaborative lering outside of class.
3. 2016/11/15 An EFL flipped learning course design: Developing methods to evaluate active learning
4. 2011/10/24 Education on the Move (ジュネーブ(スイス))