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  Takatoyo UMEMOTO
   Department   Kyoto University of Foreign Studies  Department of British and American Studies, Faculty of Foreign Studies
   Position   associate professor/lecturer
■ Academic conference presentation
1. 2019/07 Motivational regulation strategies and situational motivation in cooperative learning (the 16th European Congress of Psychology)
2. 2018/06 Motivational regulation strategies in two cooperative learning situations (the 29th International Congress of Applied Psychology)
3. 2017/07 Group differences in the relationship between motivation, social skills and active listening in cooperative learning(協同学習における動機づけ,社会的スキルと傾聴との関連におけるグループ間差) (the 15th European Congress of Psychology)
4. 2017/07 Motivational regulation strategies in cooperative learning(協同学習における動機づけ調整方略) (the 15th European Congress of Psychology)
5. 2017/07 Why do university students not consult with counselors about distress?(なぜ大学生はカウンセラーに悩みを打ち明けないのか) (the 15th European Congress of Psychology)
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■ Books and academic papers
1. Book Motivational regulation in Japanese undergraduates(日本の大学生における動機づけ調整)   (Single) 2015/02
2. Article Building student interactions outside the classroom: Utilizing a web-based application in a university flipped learning course for EFL learners Learning and Collaboration Technologies. Designing, Developing and Deploying Learning Experiences. H vol 12205,pp.326-338 (Collaboration) 2020/07
3. Article Exploring socially shared regulation of learning during creative problem-solving(創造的な問題解決における社会的に共有された学習の調整についての検討) 京都教育大学紀要 131,pp.61-68 (Collaboration) 2017/09
4. Article The relationship between self-efficacy, intrinsic value, and emotional engagement: Using a cross-lagged panel model(自己効力感,内発的価値,感情的エンゲージメントの関連―交差遅延パネルモデルによる検証―) Educational Technology Research 39(1),pp.145-154 (Collaboration) 2016/12
5. Article The relationship between beliefs in cooperation, motivation, and engagement in cooperative learning(協同学習における協同作業認識,動機づけ,エンゲージメントの関連) Psychology 7(10),pp.1335-1341 (Collaboration) 2016/09
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■ Business career
1. 2018/09~ Lecturer
2. 2018/04~2019/09 Lecturer
3. 2016/04~2018/03 Lecturer
4. 2015/04~2016/03 Kyoto University of Foreign Studies Faculty of Foreign Studies Department of British and American Studies associate professor/lecturer
■ Subject
1. Basic Seminar
2. Seminar: Educational Research Ⅰ(CB291)
3. Seminar: Educational Research Ⅱ(CB292)
4. Seminar: Educational Research Ⅲ(CB391)
5. Seminar: Educational Research Ⅳ(CB392)
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