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  Toshihiko KUNIYASU
   Department   Kyoto University of Foreign Studies  Department of Global Affairs, Faculty of Foreign Studies
   Position   Associate Professor
■ Business career
1. 2010/04~ Kyoto University of Foreign Studies Faculty of Foreign Studies Department of Global Affairs Associate Professor
2. 2008/04~2010/03 Kyoto Junior College of Foreign Languages Department of English Studies for Careers Associate Professor
■ Belonging society
1. 1995/04~ Japan Association for Asian Studies
2. 1993/04~ The Japan Assocaition for International Relations
■ Subject
1. Contemporary North American Affairs(BA10C)
2. Introduction to International Politics Ⅰ(BD101)
3. Strategy on Diplomacy Ⅰ(BD104)
4. International Development Studies(BD10A)
5. International Peace Cooperation(BD10I)
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